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Welcome to the official Escape: Sierra Leone website!

It's a little barren right now, but like the game, it's a currently a work in progress! Watch this space for updates in Q2-Q3 2017!


Currently the game is only sold on Steam (see the nice big green button on the top of the page for a link). There will be an eventual DRM-free product sold on this page for the same price, but it could be a couple months after release. There is also the possibility of a hard-copy collectors edition at some point after the 1.0 release.


E:SL is a pretty hard game, be prepared to die pretty quick the first few plays. I highly recommend you read the "Guide" provided with the game. You can find the guide in the main menu, on the right set of options, near the bottom of the list. Read it through and it will answer most of your questions about the gameplay mechanics.


Avoid combat at first, try to find a safehouse and firearm BEFORE going up against even a single enemy. Even with a gun, avoid going rambo unless you like to die. Try to pick off enemies one at a time, without engaging multiple at once. Learn from your mistakes, if one area is too hard, wait until you're better equipped to handle it. In the end have fun, that's the point! You can carry 2 large items (rifle, gas can, or torch), and 12 small items such as food, drinks, or handguns. Choose what you carry wisely. Diamonds do not take up inventory space, so grab every one you can find.


Your only goal is to escape the island, there are multiple ways to accomplish this. I won't tell you them and ruin the fun, but explore around and figure it out!


The only way to save your game is to use the bed at a safehouse. If your character is tired, he will sleep and time will pass. You can reload a save any time from the main menu. If you die, then you will have to either load a save, or start a new game, there are no autosaves or quicksaves. You're limited to 10 save slots, so use them wisely.


Currently the hardware requirements are a little steep, as much optimization needs to be done. Currently only Windows 7-10 is supported, and only the 64 bit versions. I'd recommend at least an Nvidia 760/Radeon 7870 GPU, and a quad core CPU running at 3.2GHz or more. You will also need around 20-25GB of HDD space. Again, system requirements are high, but are going to be lowered a lot as development progresses.


These need fuel and won't work without it. Every vehicle has a fuel gauge, so watch it closely. To successfully escape, you must have enough fuel in your vehicle (usually over 3/4 of a tank will be sufficient). Currently vehicle weapons cannot be reloaded, so once one of their weapons runs out of ammo, that's it.


This is an Early Access game, meant to give a taste of the gameplay mechanics. There are many issues that must be addressed. The Early Access builds do not in any way represent the final quality of this game, and it will be vastly improved and expanded upon in later revisions. The main goal of Early Access is to allow community feedback to shape the game and help it develop into what the players want to see.


  • This will be updated as big issues are brought to my attention during Early Access.

Devloped By

Escape: Sierra Leone is developed by Reborn Games Inc, located in Victoria, Canada. Currently the studio is comprised of me, myself, and I, but I'm hoping to see some growth at some point!

Escape: Sierra Leone

Escape: Sierra Leone is an exploration-based survival first-person game. With a strong focus on complete freedom, realism, interacting with a vibrant world, and no forced objectives or quests.

Website and Game Status

The website is currently a work in progress, and is currently only available as Javascript Enabled. The game is currently in Early Access, with plans to release a final version sometime in early 2018.