Download the (Alpha) Demo!

Welcome to the official Escape: Sierra Leone website!

It's a little barren right now, but for now we have the most important thing right above! A big shiny download button that will let you download the latest version of the early alpha build. Some basic file management skill will come in handy, since it is an early build and not as polished or user-friendly as a final product. However, it's nothing too complex. The Readme file is posted below (this version will be more up to date than the one provided in the .zip). I'm not sure how well this download will hold up, so if it fails, please be patient as I figure out another solution. I'm on an "unlimited bandwidth" hosting plan, but I'm not sure what the definition of unlimited is, nor how much traffic I'll be getting. If you enjoy the alpha demo, please consider checking out the Kickstarter for the full game at THIS link.


To install the game is pretty simple, extract the "ESLdemo": folder to where you want it (desktop, program files, etc). Then once it's copied over out of the zip, simply enter either the Bin32 or Bin64 folders, depending on your system, and then click the "ESLdemo.exe" to start the game. That simple. You can also create a shortcut by right-clicking on the .exe, then moving the shortcut to your desktop or other place you'd prefer. Please be sure you have the DirectX End-User Runtime (June 2010), Visual C++ 2012 Redistributable Package (both x86 and x64) and that your graphics card drivers are up to date. More info on the game's requirements HERE


E:SL is a pretty hard game, be prepared to die pretty quick the first few plays. Basic controls are as follows: WASD + space and control to move/jump/crouch. F is your primary use button to pickup entities, and enter vehicles or interact with your environment. G is your alternate use key that interacts with entities in your hand, or vehicles you're already in (toggles ignition). Q is your melee attack, which allows you to defend yourself even with a loaf of bread. Mouse controls are standard of any FPS game. You can hold the H key to bring up your inventory list, this will show you if your player is sick, hungry, injured, etc. It does not update real time, so you have to let it go and bring it back up to see changes. P is used to take medication for any illness you have. Of course, you must actually have the medication needed for the symptoms you have, otherwise nothing happens. Shift runs and R reloads.


Avoid combat at first, try to find a safehouse and firearm BEFORE going up against even 1 enemy. Even with a gun, avoid going rambo unless you like to die. Try to pick off enemies 1 by 1, without engaging multiple at once. Learn from your mistakes, if one area is too hard, wait until you're better equipped to handle it. In the end have fun, that's the point! You can carry 1 large item (AK, gas can, or medkit), and 2 small items such as food, drinks, or a handgun. Choose what you carry wisely. Pills and diamonds do not take up inventory space.


Your only goal is to escape the island, there are two ways to do so. I won't tell you them and ruin the fun, but explore around and figure it out!


The only way to save your game is to use the bed at a safehouse. If you're tired, your character will sleep and time will pass. To reload a save after exiting the game, you need to press the F9 key in the main menu. This is placeholder, until we can design a UI. If you die in the game, you'll automatically reload back, or you can press F9 any time while in the level to reset back to the last save.


Currently settings for graphics can be permanently set in the "system.cfg" file present in the ESLdemo directory. To change quality, modify the "sys_spec=" field. 1 is low, 2 is medium, 3 is high, 4 is ultra. For resolution, adjust the "r_width=" and "r_height=" fields to fit what you desire. "r_fullscreen=" is straightforward, 1 is on, 2 is off. Controls are a bit more tricky, they're located in the "defaultProfile.xml" file which is present in the ESLdemo\GameSDK\Libs\Config directory. It's a little confusing to navigate, but all controls can be rebound there as needed. Look on the IndieDB page for a more detailed tutorial on modifying controls, if you need.


These need fuel and won't work without it. The car's fuel gauge doesn't work right now, but the boat's does. Press G when in a vehicle to start it. Press G outside a vehicle with a fuel canister in hand to refuel it.


This is an early alpha build, meant to give a taste of the gameplay. There are many issues that must be addressed. The alpha does not in any way represent the final quality of this game, and it will be vastly improved and expanded upon in later revisions. This was released to allow people to decide if they enjoyed the overall gameplay experience.


  • M1911 slide gets stuck sometimes after shooting.
  • AK-47 is missing animations for reloading.
  • Grass doesn't angle properly on steep hills.
  • Gauges in vehicles don't work, and the damage model needs improvements.
  • A proper menu UI is needed with a way to properly change graphics and control settings.
  • AI can be unpredictable and inconsistent.
  • There are issues with the entities not loading properly sometimes.
  • Audio is missing for AI weapons, chatter, and many other aspects of the game.
  • Ambient audio sometimes stops working.
  • Animations for items in your hand are placeholder.
  • Many other bug fixes, optimization, and tweaks have to be done.
  • After using an item, it remains in your inventory. Simply pick up another item with that one in hand, and it'll get cleared out.


You can find the project's Kickstarter page at THIS link. If you enjoyed the gameplay of the alpha, and would like to see a more polished complete version, please consider checking out the funding campaign.

Escape: Sierra Leone

Escape: Sierra Leone's Concept is to be an open world survival game based around exploration and total freedom. Some rough features that are planned in later versions of E:SL are a 21KMSq map, semi-realisitic and intense FPS combat, survival needs (food, hydration), and much more.

Website and Game Status

The website is currently a WIP placeholder, and only available as Javascript Enabled. Once the website is out of the Alpha, it'll have a "NoScript" version available. The game is currently in Alpha, and has been Greenlit, with plans to release a final version sometime in 2015.